53% Of

McGinn/Cazale Theater

Previews Began: June 14, 2022

Opening Night: June 28, 2022

Closing Night: July 10, 2022

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Playwright: Steph Del Rosso

The president is coming to town, and the good ladies of Bethlehem, PA are beside themselves planning to give him a hero’s welcome; later, their husbands drink and posture during his swearing in. And in Brooklyn, a group of 20-something white women gather to plan…a revolution? Or is it a ritual to absolve their own guilt? 53% Of shines a spotlight on the status quo and shakes up our perceived notions of who calls themselves good and who pleads ignorance.


Anna Crivelli
Eden Malyn
Marianna McClellan
Grace Rex
Cathryn Wake
Ayana Workman

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