A Bed and a Chair

New York City Center


Opening Night: November 13, 2013

Closing Night: November 17, 2013

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Music: Stephen Sondheim

Arrangements: Wynton Marsalis

Concept: John Doyle

Peter Gethers

Jack Viertel

Native Manhattanite Sondheim and adopted citizen Marsalis (originally from New Orleans) and compared musical notes on their shared passion for our city in a program that features more than two dozen Sondheim compositions, each piece newly re-imagined by the unique musical sensibility of Marsalis and performed by the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra

Merrily We Roll Along Overture
What More Do I Need?
Another Hundred People
So Many People
Broadway Baby
That Old Piano Roll
Live Alone and Like It
Losing My Mind
Who’s That Woman?
Happily Ever After
I Remember
Everybody Says Don’t
Someone Is Waiting
It Would Have Been Wonderful
You Could Drive a Person Crazy
Like It Was
Giants in the Sky
Isn’t He Something?
Buddy’s Blues
With So Little To Be Sure Of
The Ladies Who Lunch
Can That Boy Foxtrot!
Uptown, Downtown
Loving You
Send in the Clowns
I Wish I Could Forget You
What More Do I Need? (Reprise)
Broadway Baby (Reprise)


Cyrille Aimée                                         Young Woman
Jeremy Jordan                                             Young Man
Norm Lewis                                                 Older Man
Bernadette Peters                                  Older Woman
Meg Gillentine                      Young Woman’s Shadow
Tyler Hanes                                Young Man’s Shadow
Grasan Kingsberry                      Older Man’s Shadow
Elizabeth Parkinson               Older Woman’s Shadow

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