A Letter for Queen Victoria

ANTA Playhouse

Previews Began: March 19, 1975

Opening Night: March 22, 1975

Closing Night: April 6, 1975

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Music: Alan Lloyd

Lyrics: Alan Lloyd

Book: Robert Wilson

A self-described opera, featuring dramatic scenes, music and dance, but presented with no continuity in stream-of-consciousness.


George Ashley                                              Performer
Stefan Brecht                                                Performer
Julia Busto                                                     Performer
Kathryn Cation                                             Performer
Andrew De Groat                                         Performer
Alma Hamilton                                              Performer
Christopher Knowles                                    Performer
Cynthia Lubar                                               Performer
James Neu                                                     Performer
Scotty Snyder                                               Performer
Sheryl Sutton                                                Performer
Robert Wilson                                               Performer

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