A Musical About Star Wars

St. Luke's Theatre

Previews Began: - | Opening Night: June 29, 2019 | Closing Night: March 12, 2020

American Theatre of Actors

Chernuchin Theatre

Previews Began: -

Opening Night: December 17, 2021

Closing Night: January 2, 2022

Closed Due to COVID-19: March 12, 2020 - December 17, 2021

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Music: Billy Recce

Lyrics: Billy Recce

Book: Taylor Crousore

Tom D’Angora

Scott Richard Foster

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away…a Staten Island Blockbuster Video to be exact…Two Star Wars fanatics, Scott and Taylor, write the most epic Star Wars musical ever. On their endless quest to perform it at Comic Con – a restraining order filed by Warwick Davis, that we won’t mention, stands in their way – they have opted to perform it on the glamorous off-Broadway stages instead! However, dark forces are looming over their production, and her name is Emily. Basically, it’s a show-within-a-show, it’s a little meta, it’s hella rad, and it’s a whole lotta Star Wars!

Overture/All the Exposition That You Need
A Musical About Star Wars
Welcome/The Padme Pas De Bourree
A Lucas Orgy
The Rules Song
The X-Wing Effect
Backstory Song
More to the Story
We Got Leia!
Be the Change That You Wish to See in the Galaxy
A Musical About Star Wars Finale!


Taylor Crousore                                                               Taylor
Scott Richard Foster                                                        Scott
Emily McNamara                                                             Emily


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