A Soldier's Play

Theater Four

Previews Began: -

Opening Night: November 19, 1996

Closing Night: December 8, 1996

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Playwright: Charles Fuller

In 1944, on a Louisiana Army base, two shots ring out. A Black sergeant is murdered. And a series of interrogations triggers a gripping barrage of questions about sacrifice, service, and identity in America.


Albert Hall                                Sergeant Vernon C. Waters
Geoffrey C. Ewing                   Captain Richard Davenport
Wood Harris               Private First Class Melvin Peterson
Jonathan Walker                             Captain Charles Taylor
Jonathan Earl Peck                            Private Louis Henson
Sean Squire                                      Corporal Bernard Cobb
Cedric Harris                                           Private Tony Smalls
Keith Randolph Smith                       Private James Wilkie
P.J. Brown                                                     Lieutenant Byrd
Robb Leigh Davis                                              Corporal Ellis
Danny Johnson                                  Private C.J. Memphis
Barton Tinapp                                                Captain Wilcox


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