A View from the Bridge

Ambassador Theatre

Previews Began: January 27, 1983

Opening Night: February 3, 1983

Closing Night: June 12, 1983

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Playwright: Arthur Miller

Eddie Carbone, a Brooklyn laborer, holds family and honor above all else. He and his wife have raised a niece as their own. But his possessive love of his niece drives him to actions that betray his family and his ideals.


Tony Lo Bianco                                                    Eddie
Alan Feinstein                                                     Marco
Rose Gregorio                                                  Beatrice
James Hayden                                                Rodolpho
Robert Prosky                                                      Alfieri
Saundra Santiago                                          Catherine
Joseph Adams                               Second “Submarine”
Rose Arrick                                                  Mrs. Lipari
Mitchell Jason                                               Mr. Lipari
Stephen Mendillo                                                 Louis
Tom Nardini                                     First “Submarine”
Paul Perri                                                              Tony
Ramón Ramos                      First Immigration Officer
John Shepard                                                        Mike
James Vitale                     Second Immigration Officer

Standby: Michael Baseleon (Eddie, Second Immigration Officer), Yolanda Lloyd (Catherine)

Sam Gray                                                             Alfieri
Tresa Hughes                                                  Beatrice

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