A View from the Bridge

Cort Theatre

Previews Began: December 28, 2009

Opening Night: January 24, 2010

Closing Night: April 4, 2010

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Playwright: Arthur Miller

Eddie Carbone, a Brooklyn laborer, holds family and honor above all else. He and his wife have raised a niece as their own. But his possessive love of his niece drives him to actions that betray his family and his ideals.


Scarlett Johansson                                        Catherine
Liev Schreiber                                                     Eddie
Jessica Hecht                                                  Beatrice
Alex Cendese                                               Submarine
Michael Cristofer                                                Alfieri
Anthony DeSando                First Immigration Officer
Antoinette LaVecchia                                 Mrs. Lipari
Matthew Montelongo                                           Tony
Mark Morettini                                             Mr. Lipari
Joe Ricci                                                                Mike
Morgan Spector                                             Rodolpho
Corey Stoll                                                          Marco
Robert Turano                                                      Louis
Marco Verna                    Second Immigration Officer

Understudies: Alex Cendese (Tony, First Immigration Officer, Second Immigration Officer, Submarine), Bonnie Dennison (Catherine, Mrs. Lipari), Jim Iorio (Louis, First Immigration Officer, Second Immigration Officer, Mr. Lipari, Submarine, Mike)

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