A Walk on the Moon

The New Brunswick Performing Arts Center

New Brunswick, NJ

Previews Began: April 26, 2022

Opening Night: May 6, 2022

Closing Night: May 21, 2022

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Music: Paul Scott Goodman

Pamela Gray

Lyrics: Paul Scott Goodman

Pamela Gray

AnnMarie Milazzo

Book: AnnMarie Milazzo

Welcome to the iconic summer of 1969, when men walked on the moon, the Vietnam War raged on, Woodstock was going to change the world, and in upstate New York, one woman took a giant leap of her own. Every year, Pearl Kantrowitz packs up her family for another summer in the Catskills with the same friends, same mah-jongg games, and the same Blouse Man. But this summer is different. A free-spirited salesman sweeps through the Jewish bungalow colony and awakens Pearl to a version of herself she’d forgotten. While contending with a rebellious teenage daughter, a mother-in-law who knows too much, and a loving husband who is content with the status quo, Pearl must decide if she’s willing to break free from her predictable world to embrace the unknown.

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Jackie Burns                                      Pearl Kantrowitz
Jonah Platt                                        Marty Kantrowitz
John Arthur Greene                              Walker Jerome
Jill Abromovitz                                               Ensemble
Carly Gendell                                                Ensemble
Cody Braverman                                           Ensemble
Maya Jacobson                                              Ensemble
Wesley Zurich                                               Ensemble
Blair Goldberg                                               Ensemble
Jonathon Timpanelli                                      Ensemble
David R. Gordon                                            Ensemble
Megan Kane                                                  Ensemble
Stephanie Lynne Mason                               Ensemble
Dan Rosales                                                   Ensemble

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