A.D. 16

Olney Theatre

Olney, MD

Previews Began: February 4, 2022

Opening Night: February 13, 2022

Closing Night: March 20, 2022

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Music: Cinco Paul

Lyrics: Cinco Paul

Book: Bekah Brunstetter

What if your first crush really was perfect? Teenaged Mary Magdalene, falls in love with the carpenter’s son next door…who happens to be a kid named Jesus. In her quest to impress him, Mary has to fend off a trio of 1st-Century Mean Girls and a bunch of Beastie Boys-inspired wiseguys from the Sanhedrin. She learns that getting Jesus to love you back is both easier – and harder – than she ever imagined.

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Phoenix Best                                                         Mary
Kelli Blackwell                                                     Diana
Alex De Bard                                                 Ensemble
Ben Fankhauser                                                    Jesus
Alan H. Green                                                      Jacob
Sylvern Groomes Jr.                                      Ensemble
Jade Jones                                                          Jessica
Jared Loftin                                                     Nicholas
Calvin McCullough                                         Matthias
Adelina Mitchell                                                    Ruth
Christian Montgomery                               Bartimaeus
Da’Von Moody                                                   Simeon
RJ Pavel                                                         Ensemble
John Sygar                                                     Ensemble
Chani Wereley                                                   Esther
Kanysha Williams                                          Ensemble

Swings: Tiffany Lyn Royster, Chris Urquiaga

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