5th Avenue Theatre

Seattle, WA

Previews Began: -

Opening Night: April 29, 2022

Closing Night: May 21, 2022

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Music: Zoe Sarnak

Lyrics: Zoe Sarnak

Book: Emily Kaczmarek

Reeling from the sudden loss of their mother, sisters Kali and Simone are once again roommates in their childhood home. Burdened with mounting bills, they decide to rent out the attic, and into their lives walks Jo, a war reporter grieving her own deep loss. As the women get to know each other and struggle to reckon with the past, a complex mosaic of intersecting lives reveals itself.

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Andi Alhadeff                                                                      Kali
Mari Nelson                                                                       Lydia
Brandon O’Neill                                                             Jimmy
Saxton Jay Walker                                                      Franklin
Kirsten Delohr Helland                                    Kali’s Voice 1
Kerstin Anderson                                                         Simone
Anastacia McCleskey                                                            Jo
Timothy Michael Keller                                   Kali’s Voice 2
Ashley Menestrina                                               The Process
Cara Diaz                                                                The Process

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