Ain't No Mo'

Joseph Papp Public Theater

LuEsther Hall

Previews Began: March 12, 2019

Opening Night: March 27, 2019

Closing Night: May 5, 2019

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Playwright: Jordan E. Cooper

A vibrant satirical odyssey portraying the great exodus of black Americans out of a country plagued with injustice. In a kaleidoscope of scenes of the moments before, during, and after this outrageous departure, Jordan E. Cooper’s masterful new work explores the value of black lives in a country hurtling away from the promise of a black president.


Jordan E. Cooper                                                        Peaches
Marchánt Davis                                                    Passenger 2
Fedna Jacquet                                                      Passenger 1
Crystal Lucas-Perry                                             Passenger 5
Ebony Marshall-Oliver                                       Passenger 4
Simone Recasner                                                 Passenger 3

Understudies: Jennean Farmer (Passengers), Hermon Whaley Jr. (Peaches)


2022 Broadway

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