American Buffalo

Ethel Barrymore Theatre

February 16, 1977 - April 1977

Belasco Theatre

April 12, 1977 - June 11, 1977

Previews Began: February 8, 1977

Opening Night: February 16, 1977

Closing Night: June 11, 1977

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Playwright: David Mamet

After underselling a valuable nickel to a customer, junk shop owner Don and a team of third-rate crooks plot to seek revenge by stealing the customer’s coin collection.


Robert Duvall                                                       Walter Cole
Kenneth McMillan                                         Donny Dubrow
John Savage                                                                    Bobby

Standby: Floyd Levine (Walter Cole), Jon Polito (Donny Dubrow), Jim Staskel (Bobby)


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