American Prophet

Kreeger Theater

Washington, DC

Previews Began: July 15, 2022

Opening Night: July 28, 2022

Closing Night: August 28, 2022

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Music: Marcus Hummon

Lyrics: Marcus Hummon

Book: Frederick Douglass

Marcus Hummon

Charles Randolph-Wright

A groundbreaking musical powered by Frederick Douglass’ own speeches and writings. Coupled with soaring new melodies and an original script, Douglass rises as a fierce abolitionist and distinguished orator. Filled with an electrifying new score, this world premiere celebrates the revolutionary legacy of one of history’s first freedom fighters, whose fire is needed now more than ever.

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Carolyn Agan                                                            Ensemble
Eerica Aubrey                                                          Mary Todd
Kurt Boehm                                                     Reverend Gore
Zoë Bryant                                                                 Ensemble
Cicily Daniels                                                     Betsey Bailey
Kristolyn Lloyd                                               Anna Douglass
Christopher B. Portley                                                Demby
Christopher Michael Richardson                         Ensemble
Chris Roberts                                                        John Brown
Brendon Schaefer                                                    Ensemble
Thomas Adrian Simpson                           Abraham Lincoln
Cornelius Smith Jr.                                Frederick Douglass
Correy West                                                              Ensemble
Curtis Wiley                                                                       Gabe
Kanysha Williams                                                    Ensemble

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