An Axemas Story

The Players Theatre

Previews Began: -

Opening Night: December 1, 2022

Closing Night: December 18, 2022

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Music: Anthony De Angelis

Lyrics: Patrick Spencer

Book: Charlie O'Leary

It’s Christmas time in Tree Town and all the Trees are dying to look their best. After a string of disappearances, Small Paul (the puniest tree in Tree Town) and Noel (the mayor’s daughter) begin to questions Tree Town’s relationship with the venerated Farmer Todd — who has been acting particularly strange as of late. Will this unlikely duo crack the case before the annual Christmas Pageant? Or will the Trees of Tree Town discover the true meaning of axemas this year…

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Angelo McDonough                                              Small Paul
Ben Schrager                                                                     Buck
Charissa Bertels                                                   Mrs. Frasier
Jessie Jo Aka                                                                      Noel
Kelly Whitley                                                               Virginia
Lucy Rossi                                                                            Fern
Richard Lafluer                                                               Chuck
Curry Whitmire                                                   Farmer Todd
RJ Christian                                                        Mayor Maple

Swings: Rose Anne Rabut, Mark Mendez Muñoz

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