Anna in the Tropics

Royale Theatre

Previews Began: November 4, 2003

Opening Night: November 16, 2003

Closing Night: February 22, 2004

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Playwright: Nilo Cruz

Shimmering with passion and poetry, this Pulitzer Prize-winning drama weaves the tale of a Cuban-American cigar factory in 1929 Florida where cigars are still rolled by hand and “lectors” are employed to transport and inspire the workers as they toil on the factory floor. As a handsome and debonair new lector reads the words of Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina, the lives of the workers begin to parallel the novel. Old traditions and new ways collide while longing, love, and betrayal spark a volatile flame that signals the end of an era.


Jimmy Smits                                                          Juan Julian
Priscilla Lopez                                                                 Ofelia
Daphne Rubin-Vega                                                  Conchita
Victor Argo                                                                 Santiago
Vanessa Aspillaga                                                         Marela
John Ortiz                                                                      Eliades
David Zayas                                                                    Cheché

Understudies: Jackeline Duprey (Marela, Conchita, Ofelia), Jason Manuel Olazábal (Eliades, Santiago, Cheché, Juan Julian, Palomo)

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