The New Musical

The Players Theatre

Previews Began: -

Opening Night: July 28, 2022

Closing Night: August 28, 2022

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Music: Danielle E. Moore

Lyrics: Danielle E. Moore

Book: Danielle E. Moore

Winning both the Tony and the Oscar in her first year on the American scene, Audrey Hepburn commanded the screen opposite the likes of nearly every leading man of her day. Her own life, however, was far less charmed than that of the lucky-in-love heroines she so poignantly portrayed. The life of a legend is re-examined through song, dance, and the technicolor lens of her most iconic screen performances.

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Marina Yiannouris                                      Audrey Hepburn
Brenton Cosier                                                      Bill Holden
Charlotte Odusanya                                       Ella Fitzgerald
                                                                                   Edith Head
Bradley Lewis                                                     Gregory Peck
Sam Asa Brownstein                             Hubert de Givenchy
Christopher Cheng                                  Humphrey Bogart
James C. Harris                                                       Mel Ferrer
Tiffany Furicchia                                          Marilyn Monroe
Hannah Beemer                                               Young Audrey
Lara Strong                                                        Young Audrey

Swings: Sasha Spitz

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