August Rush

Paramount Theatre

Aurora, IL

Previews Began: April 24, 2019

Opening Night: May 3, 2019

Closing Night: June 2, 2019

Rated 0 out of 5
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Music: Mark Mancina

Dave Metzger

Lyrics: Glen Berger

Mark Mancina

Book: Glen Berger

Evan Taylor, an 11 year old orphan, believes in music like some believe in fairytales. In a cruel twist of fate, Evan’s mother, an accomplished classical cellist, and his father, the lead singer of a rock band, don’t even know he exists in this world. Even after so many years gone, Evan has not given up hope as he relentlessly searches for the parents he knows need him. Quickly discovering he too is a musical prodigy, Evan surrenders himself to the symphony of sounds and follows the music. In this inspiring love story, music is everywhere, but will it lead Evan home?

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George Abud                                       Lewis Chapman
John Hickok                                                       Wizard
                                                           Thomas Novacek
Jack McCarthy                                          August Rush
                                                                   Evan Taylor
Leenya Rideout                                                    Hope
Sydney Shepherd                                    Lyla Novacek
Huxley Westemeier                                 August Rush
                                                                   Evan Taylor
Marta Bagratuni                                            Ensemble
Alex Bender                                                   Ensemble
Matt Deitchman                                            Ensemble
Ginna Doyle                                                  Ensemble
Brad Giovanine                                             Ensemble
Lizzie Hagstedt                                             Ensemble
Jessie Linden                                                 Ensemble
Troy Valjean Rucker                                     Ensemble
Doug Smith                                                   Ensemble
Katrina Yaukey                                              Ensemble

Understudies: Jenn Chandler (Lyla Novacek/Ensemble), Adam Michaels (Lewis Chapman/Wizard/Father/Ensemble), Cassidy Stirtz (Hope/Ensemble)

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