Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo

Richard Rodgers Theatre

Previews Began: March 11, 2011

Opening Night: March 31, 2011

Closing Night: July 3, 2011

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Playwright: Rajiv Joseph

Music: Kathryn Bostic

The play follows the intertwined lives of two American marines and one Iraqi gardener as they search through the rubble of war for friendship, redemption and a toilet seat made of gold as told by a tiger held captive in the Baghdad Zoo.


Robin Williams                                                     Tiger
Glenn Davis                                                           Tom
Brad Fleischer                                                         Kev
Arian Moayed                                                       Musa
Hrach Titizian                                               Iraqi Man
Sheila Vand                                           Iraqi Teenager
Necar Zadegan                                         Iraqi Woman
                                                                Arabic Vocals

Understudies: Hend Ayoub (Iraqi Woman, Iraqi Teenager, Hadia, Leper), Corey Brill (Tom, Kev), Daoud Heidami (Musa, Iraqi Man, Uday) and Sherman Howard (Tiger)

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