Trafalgar Theatre

Previews Began: December 22, 1979

Opening Night: January 5, 1980

Closing Night: May 31, 1980

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Playwright: Harold Pinter

An affair between a woman and her husband’s best friend, starting with the end and moving back to the beginning. Amidst the conflicting points of view, shifting alliances, destructive jealousy and binding passions . . .who is really telling the truth?


Blythe Danner                                                     Emma
Raul Julia                                                               Jerry
Roy Scheider                                                      Robert
Ernesto Gasco                                                    Waiter
Ian Thomson                                                     Barman

Standby: James Hurdle (Jerry, Robert), Caroline Lagerfelt (Emma)

Understudy: Ian Thomson (Waiter)

Caroline Lagerfelt                                               Emma
                                                5/12/80 – 5/31/80

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