Bernard B. Jacobs Theatre

Previews Began: August 14, 2019

Opening Night: September 5, 2019

Closing Night: December 8, 2019

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Playwright: Harold Pinter

An affair between a woman and her husband’s best friend, starting with the end and moving back to the beginning. Amidst the conflicting points of view, shifting alliances, destructive jealousy and binding passions…who is really telling the truth?


Zawe Ashton                                                       Emma
Charlie Cox                                                           Jerry
Tom Hiddleston                                                 Robert
Eddie Arnold                                                      Waiter
Phoenix J. Fuentes                                         Daughter
Kayden Medina                                              Daughter

Understudies: Jesmille Darbouze (Emma), Dylan S. Wallach (Robert, Jerry, Waiter)

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