Billy Bishop Goes to War

Morosco Theatre

Previews Began: May 22, 1980

Opening Night: May 29, 1980

Closing Night: June 7, 1980

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Music: John Gray

Lyrics: John Gray

Book: John Gray

A hapless military school student becomes a hero of World War I in John Gray and Eric Peterson’s two-man play with music.

Musical Numbers

(We’re) Off to Fight the Hun
Canada at War
The Good Ship Caledonia
Buried Alive in the Mind
December Nights
The RE-7
Nobody Shoots No-One in Canada
Lady St. Helier
My First Solo Flight
In the Sky

As Calm as the Ocean
Friends Ain’t S’posed to Die
General Sir Hugh M. Trenchard
The Empire Soiree
(We’re) Off to Fight the Hun (Reprise)
In the Sky (Reprise)


Eric Peterson                                             Billy Bishop
                                                          Adjutant Perrault
                                                              Sir Hugh Cecil
                                                              Lady St. Helier
                                                    General John Higgins
                                                               Lovely Helene
                                                                     Albert Ball
                                                              Walter Bourne
                                        General Hugh M. Trenchard
                                                               King George V
John Gray                                                        Narrator

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