Cat Kid Comic Club:

The Musical

Lucille Lortel Theatre

Previews Began: July 21, 2023

Opening Night: July 30, 2023

Closing Night: August 27, 2023

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Music: Brad Alexander

Lyrics: Kevin Del Aguila

Book: Kevin Del Aguila

Cat Kid and Molly Pollywog have started an epic club to teach 21 rambunctious baby frogs how to make their own comics! Their fishy father Flippy is overjoyed that his kids will learn to unleash their creativity, but when the frogs’ constant bickering and outrageous imaginations send their comics comically off the rails, Flippy flips out! Will the club survive? Will the frogs ever get along? And will creativity finally save the day?

Coming Soon


L.R. Davidson
Jamie LaVerdiere
Brian Owen
Sonia Roman
Dan Rosales
Markia Nicole Smith

Understudies: Jeremy Fuentes, Malynne Smith

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