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Theatre Five

Previews Began: June 7, 2022

Opening Night: June 23, 2022

Closing Night: July 17, 2022

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Playwright: Elizabeth Baker

Telling the stories of a few ordinary people yearning for a less ordinary life. Charley lives with his wife Lily in suburban London, sharing a cramped house with a lodger. Charley commutes daily to an office in London, his only pleasure is the tiny garden patch beside the house which gives little satisfaction. Charley’s sister-in-law, Maggie, finds the drudgery of shop work so stifling that she plots an escape by marrying a kind man she doesn’t love—an escape that can’t provide the adventure she craves.


Laakan McHardy                                                    Lily Wilson
Jeremy Beck                                                    Charley Wilson
Peterson Townsend                                          Fred Tennant
Olivia Gilliatt                                                 Maggie Massey
Brian Owen                                                       Morton Leslie
Claire Saunders                                                       Sybil Frost
Avery Whitted                                                   Percy Massey
Christopher Gerson                                    Thomas Fenwick
Anthony Cochrane                                           Alfred Massey
Amelia White                                                       Mrs. Massey
Ned Noyes                                                          Walter Foster

Understudies: Andrea Morales (Lily Wilson/Sybil Frost), Elisabeth S. Rodgers (Maggie Massey/Mrs. Massey), Kyle Cameron (Charley Wilson/Fred Tenant/Percy Massey), Jeff Gurner (Walter Foster/Morton Leslie/Thomas Fenwick)

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