Chronicle of a Death Foretold

Plymouth Theatre

Previews Began: May 18, 1995

Opening Night: June 15, 1995

Closing Night: July 16, 1995

Rated 0.0 out of 5
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Music: Bob Telson

Lyrics: Graciela Daniele

Michael John LaChiusa

Jim Lewis

Book: Graciela Daniele

Jim Lewis

In a small town in South America, Bayardo San Roman, a newly married man rejects Angela Vicario, his young bride when he discovers that she is not a virgin, she returns to her family home, where they make her reveal her lover. She names Santiago, the best friend of her brothers, who is actually innocent, they are determined to avenge the family honor by killing their best friend: a “death foretold.”


Yolande Bavan                                                   Placida
René M. Ceballos                                              Margot
Ivonne Coll                                                Pura Vicario
George de la Peña                                Santiago Nasar
Denise Faye                                                         Maria
Norberto Kerner                                                    Xius
Nelson Roberto Landrieu                     Colonel Aponte
Lisa Leguillou                                                        Flora
Monica McSwain                                                Divina
Gregory Mitchell                                    Pedro Vicario
Julio Monge                                                         Cristo
Lazaro Perez                                                   Faustino
Luis Perez                                                Pablo Vicario
Tonya Pinkins                                                   Clotilde
Alexandre Proia                            Bayardo San Roman
Saundra Santiago                                   Angela Vicario
Myra Lucretia Taylor                                       Victoria
Jaime Tirelli                                          Father Amador

Understudies: Marina Chapa (Placida, Divina, Angela Vicario, Flora), Edouard DeSoto (Faustino, Xius, Colonel Aponte, Father Amador), Marianne Filali (Divina, Flora, Margot), Edgard Gallardo (Santiago Nasar, Cristo, Pablo Vicario, Pedro Vicario, Bayardo San Roman, Colonel Aponte), Colton Green (Cristo, Bayardo San Roman, Pablo Vicario, Pedro Vicario, Faustino, Xius), Susan Pilar (Placida, Victoria, Angela Vicario, Clotilde), Eyan Williams (Victoria, Pura Vicario, Clotilde, Margot, Maria)