Closer Than Ever

Cherry Lane Theatre

Previews Began: -

Opening Night: October 17, 1989

Closing Night: July 1, 1990

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Music: David Shire

Lyrics: Richard Maltby, Jr.

Conceiver: Steven Scott Smith

Closer Than Ever is a nonstop exploration of everyday struggles in the “modern world.” Topics ranging from unrequited adoration… to aging… to Muzak are tackled with resounding sincerity and precisely placed hilarity. Each song is a unique story told by a new character, taking audiences, not only into the songbook of Mr. Maltby and Mr. Shire, but into the minds of the individuals facing these completely relatable challenges.

Musical Numbers

She Loves Me Not
You Want to Be My Friend?
What Am I Doin’?
The Bear, the Tiger, the Hamster and the Mole
Like a Baby
I’ll Get Up Tomorrow Morning
Miss Byrd
The Sound of Muzak
One of the Good Guys
There’s Nothing Like It
Life Story
Next Time

I Wouldn’t Go Back
Three Friends
Another Wedding Song
If I Sing
Back on Base
The March of Time
Fathers of Fathers
It’s Never That Easy
I’ve Been Here Before
Closer Than Ever


Brent Barrett                                                Performer
Sally Mayes                                                  Performer
Richard Muenz                                             Performer
Lynne Wintersteller                                     Performer

Understudies: Claudine Cassan-Jellison, Scott Hayward Eck

Jim Walton                                                   Performer
Craig Wells                                                   Performer
Scott Hayward Eck                                      Performer

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