Coal Country

Joseph Papp Public Theater

Anspacher Theater

February 18, 2020 - March 11, 2020

Cherry Lane Theatre

March 4, 2022 - April 17, 2022

Original Previews: March 9, 2020

Re-Opening Previews: March 4, 2022

Opening Night: March 10, 2022

Closing Night: April 17, 2022

Closed Due to COVID-19: March 12, 2020 - March 4, 2022

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Book: Jessica Blank

Erik Jensen

Music: Steve Earle

In 2010, the Upper Big Branch mine explosion killed 29 men, and tore a hole in the lives of countless others. In this riveting, emotionally stunning new work based on first-person accounts by survivors and family members, Jessica Blank, Erik Jensen, and Steve Earle, dig deep into the lives and loss of the most deadly mining disaster in recent U.S. history.


Mary Bacon                                                                        Patti
Amelia Campbell                                                             Mindi
Michael Gaston                                            Stanley “Goose”
Ezra Knight                                                               Roosevelt
Thomas Kopache                                                               Gary
Michael Laurence                                                         Tommy
Deirdre Madigan                                                               Judy
Melinda Tanner                                                Judge Berger

Carl Palmer                                                    Stanley “Goose”
Kym Gomes                                                        Judge Berger

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