Coleman '72

Emmes/Benson Theatre Center

Costa Mesa, CA

Previews Began: April 23, 2023

Opening Night: April 28, 2023

Closing Night: May 14, 2023

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Playwright: Charlie Oh

Jenn, Michelle and Joey look back at the summer of 1972, when their Korean American family piled into the Buick for an All-American road trip—spontaneously orchestrated by their father. From Milwaukee to Los Angeles and back again, they hit the open plains, stocked with kimchi, banchan and lemon drops, rickety Coleman camper in tow. But Korean parents and American kids hold conflicting ideas of what they’re looking for and the real purpose of their journey comes to light.


Paul Juhn                                                                         James
Jessica Ko                                                                    Michelle
Jully Lee                                                                            Annie
Tess Lina                                                                              Jenn
Ryun Yu                                                                                Joey

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