Darlin' Cory

Alliance Theatre

Atlanta, GA

Previews Began: September 8, 2022

Opening Night: September 15, 2022

Closing Night: October 3, 2022

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Music: Kristian Bush

Lyrics: Kristian Bush

Phillip DePoy

Book: Phillip DePoy

Set against the backdrop of 1920s Appalachia, a tiny mountain town with no road in – and no road out – a community carries secrets of all sizes. But when a young woman with ambition and intelligence collides with a pastor deeply committed to preserving the status quo, cracks begin to appear in the town’s well-constructed façade. And when a stranger appears with a mysterious backstory and the best moonshine anyone’s ever tasted – some of those secrets threaten to spill.

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Jeremy Aggers                                                                Bailey
Jimez Alexander                                                          Gaither
Marcello Audino                                                            Tucker
John Bobek                                                                      Brody
Jewl Carney                                                               Alex Crow
Katie Deal                                                                  Truegood
Kelli Dodd                                                                         Jenny
Rob Lawhon                                                                      Doug
Rhyn McLemore                                                  Mama Grace
Gillian Rabin                                                                     Clara
Maria Rodriguez-Sager                                          Cass Crow
Asia Rogers                                                                      Honor

Understudies: Collin Cruikshank (Brody/Grey/Gaither),
Gina Delise (Clara/Honor), Lamont J. Hill (Alex Crow/Tucker), Jessi Little (Cass Crow/Mama Grace), Natalie Myrick (Ivy/Jenny/Truegood), Jacob Valleroy (Doug/Bailey)

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