Distant Thunder

Lyric Theatre

Oklahoma City, OK

Previews Began: -

Opening Night: March 23, 2022

Closing Night: March 27, 2022

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Music: Shaun Taylor-Corbett

Chris Wiseman

Lyrics: Shaun Taylor-Corbett

Chris Wiseman

Book: Lynne Taylor-Corbett

Shaun Taylor-Corbett

Darrell Waters, a brash, young attorney, who returns to his childhood home in Montana to broker a deal that can benefit his tribe, the Blackfeet Nation. He soon faces his reclusive father about their painful past and grapples with the paradigm of what it means to be Native American in the United States. Through a childhood sweetheart, Dorothy Dark Eyes, he rediscovers his identity and feels his perspective shift – his clever business deal will destroy her language school, further erode Blackfeet culture and taint their land.

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Shaun Taylor-Corbett                                       Darrell
Ryan Duncan                                                     Hector
                                                                     Sam Silver
Spencer Battiest                                                  Tonto
Xander Chauncey                            Jim Running Crow
Jonathan Lynch                                                Smudge
Chelsea Zeno                                                   Shareen
April Ortiz                                      Betty Still Smoking
Brent Florendo-Sitwallapum                          Old Man
Jeff Barehand                                         White Feather
Matoaka Little Eagle                 Grandma Jingle Dress
Karsten Tate                                                    Roberta
Katie McCollum                                                 Aiyana
Johnlee Lookingglass                  Sheriff Running Buck
Angela Gomez                                Dorothy Dark Eyes
Aiden Łe:ldin Rogers                              Young Darrell
Chava Florendo                              Featured Ensemble

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