Don't Get God Started

Longacre Theatre

Previews Began: October 14, 1987

Opening Night: October 29, 1987

Closing Night: January 10, 1988

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Music: Marvin Winans

Lyrics: Marvin Winans

Book: Ron Milner

A series of African-American-themed skits depict problems that are cured by religion in this gospel musical.

Musical Numbers

Cry Loud (Lift Your Voice Like a Trumpet)
Slipping Away from You
After Looking for Love
Change Your Nature
What’s Wrong with Our Love
Don’t Turn Your Back
Turn Us Again

Abide with Me
Let the Healing Begin
Renew My Mind
Denied Stone
He’ll Make It Alright
Can I Build My Home in You
Bring Back the Days of Yea and Nay
I Made It
Still in Love with You
It’s Alright Now


Giancarlo Esposito                                                 Jack
Chip Fields                                                           Sylvia
                                                                  Barbara Ann
Vanessa Bell Armstrong             Female Lead Vocalist
Be Be Winans                                 Male Lead Vocalist
Donald Albert                                        Choir Member
Ernie Banks                                           Wise Old Man
                                                                The Reverend
Margaret Bell                                        Choir Member
Conni Marie Brazelton                                  Claudette
                                                             Sister Needlove
Susan Dawn Carson                              Choir Member
Marilyn Coleman                              Wise Old Woman
Victor Trent Cook                                 Choir Member
Starletta DuPois                                    Choir Member
Patty Heaton                                         Choir Member
Keith Laws                                            Choir Member
Andrea McClurkin                                Choir Member
Donnie McClurkin                                Choir Member
Nadine Middlebrooks Norwood            Choir Member
Stefone Pet’tis                                       Choir Member
Sylvia Simmons                                     Choir Member
Monique Williams                                 Choir Member
Angie Winans                                        Choir Member
Debbie Winans                                      Choir Member
Marvin Wright-Bey                                           Robert
Ronald Wyche                                       Choir Member