Double Helix

Bay Street Theater

Sag Harbor, NY

Previews Began: May 30, 2023

Opening Night: June 3, 2023

Closing Night: June 18, 2023

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Music: Madeline Myers

Lyrics: Madeline Myers

Book: Madeline Myers

Exploring the life of young British researcher Rosalind Franklin, whose under-appreciated work was central to the discoveries of DNA, RNA, and more.

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Samantha Massell                                    Rosalind Franklin
Anthony Chatmon II                                   Maurice Wilkins
Matthew Christian                                       Jacques Mering
Max Chulmecky                                               James Watson
Anthony Joseph Costello                        Raymond Gosling
Amy Justman                                                  Adrienne Weill
Austin Ku                                                              Francis Crick
Thom Sesma                                                       John Randall
Tuck Sweeney                                                    William Bates

Swings: Kate Fitzgerald, Ethan Yaheen-Moy Chan

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