Dreaming Zenzile

New York Theatre Workshop

Previews Began: May 17, 2022

Opening Night: June 1, 2022

Closing Night: June 26, 2022

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Music: Somi Kakoma

Lyrics: Somi Kakoma

Book: Somi Kakoma

At her final concert, South African musical legend and activist Miriam Makeba delivers the performance of her life, raising the conscience and the consciousness of a people. But the ancestors are calling—transporting her through the music and fractured memories of her past on a spiritual journey of reconciliation.

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Somi Kakoma                                                Miriam Makeba
Aaron Marcellus                                         Sangoma Chorus
Naledi Masilo                                              Sangoma Chorus
Phumzile Sojola                                          Sangoma Chorus
Phindi Wilson                                              Sangoma Chorus

Understudies: Darrell Purcell, Jr.

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