Earl of Ruston

Billy Rose Theatre

Previews Began: April 26, 1971

Opening Night: May 5, 1971

Closing Night: May 8, 1971

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Music: C.C. Courtney

Ragan Courtney

Peter Link

Lyrics: C.C. Courtney

Ragan Courtney

Book: C.C. Courtney

Ragan Courtney

Earl Woods, an eccentric Southerner who spent some time in mental institutions before an early death, is the subject of this musical.

Just Your Old Friend
Earl Is Crazy
Guitar Song
Easy to Be Lonely
Der Blues- Traditional
Mama, Earl Done Ate the Tooth Paste Again
Silvers Theme
Mama, Mama, Mama
I’ve Been Sent Back to the First Grade
The Revival
My Name is Leda Pearl
Insane Poontang
You Still Love Me
Earl Was Ahead


Jean Waldo Beck                               Leda Pear Crump
John Bergeron                                                    Pianist
C.C. Courtney                                                         Earl
Ragan Courtney                                                      Earl
Bonnie Guidry                                    Mary Lee Woods
Lynda Lawley                                                 Ernestine
Chip McDonald                              Reverend Reynolds
                                                              Rhythm Guitar
Leon Medica                                                       Sheriff
                                                                    Bass Guitar
Henry “Bootsie” Normand                           Mr. Turner
                                                                   Lead Guitar
Bobby Thomas                                                    Doctor
Leecy R. Woods Moore                                     Herself

Standby: Terry Mace

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