Diversionary Theatre

San Diego, CA

Previews Began: -

Opening Night: May 12, 2022

Closing Night: June 19, 2022

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Music: Sam Salmond

Lyrics: Sam Salmond

Book: Jeremy J. King

New York City used to be a party town, but 1986 finds everyone paralyzed with fear of AIDS. Everyone, that is, except BJ Rosenthal, who’s determined to keep the party going. When an ex-lover becomes ill, BJ is forced to face the nightmare enveloping him and redefine his life. Based on the celebrated novel of its time and set to a soaring pop score pulsating with joy and heart wrenching melodies, unearthing an epidemic that shook the world to reveal a community’s ferocious fight to reclaim its future.

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Preston Sadleir                                                                      BJ
Sean Doherty                                                                       Bob
Jordan Barbour                                                                Dave
Frankie Alicea-Ford                                                     Richard
Wilfred Paloma                                                             Dennis
Farah Dinga                                                                    Rachel
Allen Lucky Weaver                                                          Joey
Allison Spratt Pearce                                                     Janey
Dennis Peters                                                                     Zach
Luke Jacobs                                                                   Chance
JJ Abujasen                                                                       Carlo
David McBean                                                                  Harry

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