Farinelli and the King

Belasco Theatre

Previews Began: December 5, 2017

Opening Night: December 17, 2017

Closing Night: March 25, 2018

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Playwright: Claire van Kampen

King Philippe V of Spain, plagued by insomnia, lies awake in his chamber. The Queen, desperate for a cure, hears of Farinelli —a castrato with a voice so divine it has the power to captivate all who hear it. Philippe is astonished when Farinelli sings, and begs him to stay. But will Farinelli, one of the greatest celebrities of his time, choose a life of solitude over fame and fortune in the opera houses of Europe?


Sam Crane                                                       Farinelli
Iestyn Davies                                                      Singer
Huss Garbiya                                          Dr. José Cervi
Melody Grove                                     Isabella Farnese
James Hall                                                          Singer
Lucas Hall                                                           Jethro
Colin Hurley                                                  John Rich
Edward Peel                   Don Sebastian De La Cuadra
Mark Rylance                                               Philippe V

Understudies: Peter Bradbury (Dr. José Cervi, John Rich, Don Sebastian De La Cuadra, Jethro/Miguel), Eric Jurenas (Singer), Margot White (Isabella Farnese)

Simon Jones                                                   John Rich
                                                       1/9/18 – 3/25/18