Fisherman's Friends

The Musical

Royal Alexandra Theatre

Toronto, ON

Previews Began: -

Opening Night: November 27, 2022

Closing Night: January 15, 2023

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Music: Various Artists

Lyrics: Various Artists

Book: Amanda Whittington

When a group of Cornish fishermen came together to sing the traditional working songs they’d sung for generations, nobody, least of all the fishermen, expected the story to end on the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury. They are spotted by a fish-out-of-water music manager on a trip from London, who must learn that there is more to life than selling your sole for fifteen minutes of fame.


Nelson’s Blood
Pass Around the Grog
Village By the Sea
(What Shall We Do With The) Drunken Sailor
John Kanaka
Leave Her Johnny, Leave Her Wellerman
Pay Me My Money Down
A Ship In Distress
Rattling Winches
St Piran’s Flag
Cousin Jack
One and All
Bully In the Alley
Little Liz
Sloop John B
Billy O’Shea

John Kanaka (Reprise)
Cadgwith Anthem (Robbers Retreat)
Sailor Ain’t A Sailor
Haul Away, Joe Shantyman Keep Hauling
Blow the Man Down
A Ship In Distress (Reprise)
Home From the Sea
The Leaving Shanty
The Tidal Pool
Village By the Sea (Reprise)
No Hopers, Jokers and Rogues


Jason Langley                                                                 Danny
Dan Buckley                                                                    Rowan
Dakota Starr                                                                        Ben
Pete Gallagher                                                              Wiggie
Hadrian Delacey                                                             Archie
Fia Houston-Hamilton                                                     Leah
Hazel Monaghan                                                               Sally
John O’Mahony                                                                 Eddy
Louisa Beadel                                                         Morwenna
James William-Pattison                                                Owen
Becky Hurst                                                                      Grace
James Gaddas                                                                      Jim
Parisa Shahmir                                                                Alwyn
Robert Duncan                                                                  Jago
Susan Penhaligon                                                        Maggie
Anton Stephans                                                         Leadville
Hazel Simmons                                                         Ensemble
Janet Mooney                                                          Ensemble
Dominic Brewer                                                       Ensemble
Martin Carroll                                                          Ensemble

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