Lincoln Center Theatre

Mitzi E. Newhouse Theater

Previews Began: June 23, 2023

Opening Night: July 20, 2023

Closing Night: August 27, 2023

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Playwright: Candrice Jones

Following an Arkansas all-girls high school basketball team in 1997 juggling aspirations of going pro in the WNBA and the pressures of being young, Black, and female in rural Arkansas.


Brittany Bellizeare                                            April Jenkins
Christiana Clark                                   Coach Francine Pace
Ebony Edwards                                              The Sophomore
                                                                                 The Referee
Renita Lewis                                          Donna Cunningham
Erica Matthews                                                   Starra Jones
Ciara Monique                                              Cherise Howard
Tamera Tomakili                                               Sidney Brown

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