Palace Theatre

Previews Began: December 9, 1980

Opening Night: January 4, 1981

Closing Night: January 4, 1981

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Playwright: Victor Gialanella

Music: Richard Peaslee

A Swiss scientist in the mid-1800s creates a living, but horrible-looking, creature who terrorizes the town in his quest for love in Victor Gialanella’s adaptation of Mary Shelley’s classic novel.


Dennis Bacigalupi                                  Peter Schmidt
John Carradine                                                DeLacey
David Dukes                                 Victor Frankenstein
John Glover                                            Henry Clerval
Keith Jochim                                           The Creature
Richard Kneeland                                  Lionel Mueller
Jill P. Rose                                              Justine Moritz
Scott Schwartz                           William Frankenstein
Douglas Seale                          Alphonse Frankenstein
John Seitz                                                    Hans Metz
Dianne Wiest                                   Elizabeth Lavenza
Kate Wilkinson                                        Frau Mueller

Understudies: Leslie Barrett (Alphonse Frankenstein, Lionel Mueller, DeLacey), Michael Davidson (William Frankenstein), Anne Kerry (Elizabeth Lavenza, Justine Moritz), Barbara Lester (Frau Mueller), Eric Uhler (Hans Metz, Peter Schmidt), Stephen Van Benschoten (The Creature), Mark Winkworth (Victor Frankenstein, Henry Clerval)

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