Frankenstein's Monster Is Drunk

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Opening Night: January 11, 2023

Closing Night: January 28, 2023

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Playwright: Zoe Seaton

A match made in horror! Based on the original short story by Owen Booth, the story begins in 1946, when villagers dig Frankenstein’s monster out of the glacier he’d crawled into after his Hollywood career gave up the ghost. Fully defrosted, he meets “The One,” igniting a love story of monstrous proportions. A duet of undateables stand out and fit in to forge their own beautiful brand of domestic bliss with their 67 (Italian) blue sheep. The comedy is pitch black and horror gets a happily ever after in this wildly fresh look at the Frankenstein myth crafted by the critically acclaimed theater mavericks, Big Telly, known for their bold style of immersive and rollicking entertainment.


Vicky Allen
Nicky Harley
Rhodri Lewis
Sinead Owens
Chris Robinson

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