Frankie and Johnny in the Clair de Lune

Belasco Theatre

Previews Began: July 26, 2002

Opening Night: August 8, 2002

Closing Night: March 9, 2003

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Playwright: Terrence McNally

When a diner waitress and a short order cook meet for a night of fiery passion, they expect a return to loneliness. But as desire turns into the possibility of love, they realize that true connection means being unafraid to reach for the moon.


Edie Falco                                                         Frankie
Stanley Tucci                                                     Johnny

Standby: Tim Cummings (Johnny), Lisa Leguillou (Frankie)

Joe Pantoliano                                                    Johnny
                                                   1/1/03 – 3/9/03
Rosie Perez                                                       Frankie
                                                   1/1/03 – 3/9/03

Standby: Lou Sumrall (Johnny)

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