Roda Theatre

Berkeley, CA

Previews Began: August 13, 2022

Opening Night: August 24, 2022

Closing Night: September 25, 2022

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Music: Michael Thurber

Lyrics: Michael Thurber

Book: Jocelyn Bioh

A mysterious singer arrives at Moto Moto, a steamy Afro-jazz club in Mombasa, Kenya. She casts an entrancing spell on everyone, including a young man who has returned home from studying in America. Will the big plans for his life — stepping into a political legacy and marrying his fiancée — be upended?

Coming Soon


Melessie Clark
Rodrick Covington
Zachary Downer
Amber Iman
Grasan Kingsberry
Kingsley Leggs
Kecia Lewis
Isio-Maya Nuwere
Aaron Patterson
Destinee Rea
Phillip Johnson Richardson
Awa Sal Secka
Lawrence Stallings
Teshomech, Quiantae Thomas
Wade Watson
Reggie D. White

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