Good Enemy

Minetta Lane Theatre

Previews Began: October 25, 2022

Opening Night: November 6, 2022

Closing Night: November 27, 2022

Rated 0.0 out of 5
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Playwright: Yilong Liu

When Howard makes a surprise cross-country trip to visit his college-age, Tik Tok-loving daughter, he’s forced to confront the realities of their relationship and the rift between them—a rift caused by Howard’s refusal to face memories of his life as a young man in China. In a smart, thrilling story that deftly weaves two generations and two continents amidst sweeping social changes, Good Enemy explores the power of human connections…affirming that no one lives an “ordinary” life, no matter how hard they might try.


Ron Domingo                                                                   Xiong
Francis Jue                                                                    Howard
Tim Liu                                                                                  Hao
Geena Quintos                                                                Momo
Alec Silver                                                                           Dave
Ryan Spahn                                                  White Boyfriend
Jeena Yi                                                                           Jiahua

Michael Urie                                                White Boyfriend
                                                          11/15/2022 – 11/16/2022

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