Good Night, Oscar

Albert Theatre

Chicago, IL

Previews Began: March 12, 2022

Opening Night: March 21, 2022

Closing Night: April 24, 2022

Rated 0.0 out of 5
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Playwright: Doug Wright

It’s 1958, and Jack Paar hosts the hottest late-night talk-show on television. His favorite guest? Character actor, pianist and wild card Oscar Levant. Famous for his witty one-liners, Oscar has a favorite: “There’s a fine line between genius and insanity; I have erased this line.” Tonight, Oscar will prove just that when he appears live on national TV in an episode that Paar’s audience—and the rest of America—won’t soon forget.


Emily Bergl                                                June Levant
Peter Grosz                                                Bob Sarnoff
Sean Hayes                                              Oscar Levant
Ben Rappaport                                               Jack Paar
Ethan Slater                                        Max Weinbaum
Tramell Tillman                                        Alvin Finney
John Zdrojeski                                  George Gershwin


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