Good Vibrations:

A Punk Rock Musical

Irish Arts Center

Previews Began: June 14, 2023

Opening Night: June 18, 2023

Closing Night: July 9, 2023

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Music: Colin Carberry

Glenn Patterson

Lyrics: Colin Carberry

Glenn Patterson

Book: Colin Carberry

Glenn Patterson

The story of a beloved record store and label which was a safe haven from the violence that haunted 1970s Belfast, Northern Ireland. The store and label was founded by real-life radical and music lover Terri Hooley, who becomes the surprising leader of a ragtag band of kids as he tries to create a new community and heal his hometown.

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Cat Barter                                                  Marilyn Hyndman
Connor Burnside                                               Billy Doherty
Darren Franklin                                                                Dave
Marty Maguire                                               George Hooley
Odhrán McNulty                                       Ronnie Matthews
Chris Mohan                                  Graham ‘Getty’ Marshall
Christina Nelson                                                  Mrs. Hooley
                                                                               Mrs. Sharkey
Jolene O’Hara                                                                   Polly
Gavin Peden                                                         Brian Young
Dylan Reid                                                     Feargal Sharkey
                                                                                 Greg Cowan
Glen Wallace                                                        Terri Hooley
Jayne Wisener                                                          Ruth Carr

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