Grey House

Red Orchid Theatre

Chicago, IL

Previews Began: October 10, 2019

Opening Night: October 20, 2019

Closing Night: December 1, 2019

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Playwright: Levi Holloway

Following a couple whose car crashes on a mountain and subsequently seek shelter in an isolated cabin with somewhat unusual inhabitants. As the blizzard outside continues, the couple becomes less and less sure of what’s true and why a sound in the walls keeps getting louder.


Sarah Cartwright                                                         Marlow
Haley Bolithon                                                                A1656
Kayla Casiano                                                                 Bernie
Charlie Herman                                                           The Boy
Autumn Hlava                                                              Squirrel
Dado                                                                       The Ancient
Kirsten Fitzgerald                                                       Raleigh
Travis A. Knight                                                              Henry
Sadieh Rifai                                                                         Max

Understudies: Paula Hlava (Squirrel/Bernie/Boy), Brian Huther (Henry), Dyllan Rodrigues Miller (Marlow/A1656), Tina Shelley (Raleigh/The Ancient), Danielle Zuckerman (Max)


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