The Musical!

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Previews Began: January 16, 2007

Opening Night: January 21, 2007

Closing Night: May 6, 2007

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Music: Scott Brown

Anthony King

Lyrics: Scott Brown

Anthony King

Book: Scott Brown

Anthony King

The play is performed as a backer’s audition by Bud Davenport and Doug Simon, the authors of a musical about Johannes Gutenberg, which they are pitching to producers who might put their show up on Broadway. Because the minimally-talented and starry-eyed authors don’t have a cast or an orchestra, Bud and Doug play all of the roles themselves, wearing hats with the characters’ names on them and frequently switching said hats to indicate different characters. Since their research into the life of Gutenberg (aka a quick Google search) revealed that information on his life is “scant”, they take a historical fiction approach, by which they mean that they just made stuff up.

Musical Numbers

I Can’t Read
Haunted German Wood
The Press Song
I Can’t Read (Reprise)
What’s the Word?
Stop the Press
Tomorrow Is Tonight

Second Prologue
Words, Words, Words
Monk With Me
Might As Well (Go To Hell)


Christopher Fitzgerald                         Bud Davenport
Jeremy Shamos                                          Doug Simon

Understudies: Ryan Karels

Darren Goldstein                                      Doug Simon
David Turner                                        Bud Davenport