John Golden Theatre

Original Previews Began: February 28, 2020

Re-Opening Previews Began: April 8, 2022

Opening Night: April 21, 2022

Closing Night: June 18, 2022

Closed Due to COVID-19: March 11, 2020 - April 8, 2022

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Playwright: Martin McDonagh

England 1965 – What is Britain’s (second most) famous executioner to do now that hanging has been abolished? The simple answer is a lot more than he bargained for. In his small pub in the northern English town of Oldham, Harry is something of a local celebrity and the cub reporters and pub regulars are dying to hear Harry’s reaction to the news, while his old assistant Syd and the mysterious Mooney lurk with very different motives for their visit.


Mark Addy                                                                        Harry
Tracie Bennett                                                                   Alice
Ewen Bremner                                                                      Syd
Owen Campbell                                                               Clegg
Jeremy Crutchley                                              Inspector Fry
Gaby French                                                                   Shirley
Josh Goulding                                                           Hennessy
John Hodgkinson                                                           Albert
Richard Hollis                                                                       Bill
John Horton                                                                   Arthur
Ryan Pope                                                                      Charlie
Dan Stevens                                                                 Mooney

Understudies: Sebastian Beacon (Hennessy, Mooney, Clegg), Pete Bradbury (Inspector Fry/Doctor, Charlie/Guard, Bill/Guard, Albert), Katie Fabel (Alice, Shirley), Colin McPhillamy (Harry, Arthur/Governor, Albert)

David Threlfall                                                                 Harry
          (Joined Cast During Previews)

Andy Nyman                                                                         Syd
          (Joined Cast During Previews)

Alfie Allen                                                                     Mooney
          (Joined Cast During Previews)

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