Heart Strings

Linda Gross Theater

Previews Began: October 1, 2022

Opening Night: October 9, 2022

Closing Night: October 23, 2022

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Playwright: Lee Cataluna

On a little island in the middle of the Pacific, two girls face a big storm, a clash of cultures, and the knots of sibling rivalry. Following the treasured Hawaiian tradition of adoption, the hanai children untangle what it means to be family and learn the commitments and responsibilities that come with loving someone. Set in a Hawaii before statehood, the story is told using the simple and beautiful hei, Hawaiian string figures which are like Cat’s Cradle, and teaches that family is defined by how people take care of one another.


Sienna Aczon                                                                     Hoku
Aaron Banes                                                                    Josiah
Un Joo Christopher                                                     Mahina
Kristi Donna Ng                                                                 Tutu
Jeremy Rafal                                                               Grandpa

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