The Shed

Previews Began: March 15, 2022

Opening Night: March 24, 2022

Closing Night: April 10, 2022

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Playwright: Claudia Rankine

Music: JJJJJerome Ellis

James Harrison Monaco

The Narrator, a Black woman who recounts Rankine’s real-life conversations with white people that take place in transitional spaces like airports. As the stories unfold through monologues and staged scenarios, Help explores how these conversations can go right, wrong, or raise new questions about our fragile democracy.


April Matthis                                                   Narrator
Jess Barbagallo                                      White Man #7
David Beach                                          White Man #4
Tina Benko                                       White Woman #1
Charlotte Bydwell                            White Woman #2
Zach McNally                                       White Man #6
Joseph Medeiros                                   White Man #3
Tom O’Keefe                                         White Man #1
Rory Scholl                                           White Man #9
John Selya                                             White Man #5
Jeremy Webb                                        White Man #2
Nick Wyman                                         White Man #8

Understudies: Matthew Russell (Ensemble), Charlette Speigner (Narrator)

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