Hip Hop Cinderella

New Victory Theater

Previews Began: -

Opening Night: February 10, 2023

Closing Night: February 26, 2023

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Music: Rona Siddiqui

Lyrics: Rona Siddiqui

Book: Scott Elmegreen

The galaxy has lost its groove, and so has Cinderella! Growing up on Planet Centra, she felt as limitless as the stars, but now her jealous stepmother and two selfish stepsisters have her questioning her potential. Will the Prince’s Galactic Hip Hop Ball help Cinderella to trust in the power of her voice?

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Alondra Belen                                                                       Zig
John El-Jor                                                                       Prince
Jeremiah Garcia                                                             Runka
Lyn Philistine                                                         Lady Zurka
                                                                                            Al Loy
Maddie Robert                                                                     Zag
Brittany Nicole Williams                                      Cinderella
Lucy Anders                                                               Ensemble
Jamiel L. Burkhart                                                  Ensemble
Danielle Troiano                                                      Ensemble

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